Value Determination

Personalizing Pricing

You cannot solely trust the asking of sales prices when determining the value of different kind of premises. Average value can only be the sole of pricing, where the needs and capital of the buyers must be seen in relation to apartment’s or real estate’s possibilities in the overall real estate market. The meaning of micro and macro location as well competitor analysis are also things to be considered and the impact they have on the overall pricing should not be underestimated.

Well-designed and allocated market efforts enable the desired result when implemented with realistic result-input efforts and by connecting them to systematic personal sales know-how.

An apartment as an investment

Is an apartment or real estate an investment for you? At the end of the day it is to everyone, because most people put their assets into their homes. It is therefore important to update the market value regularly. It is also important in regards to the investment market that you have a sufficient amount of market information and a variety of analysis in your disposable. 4Client follows the markets for you. We are prepared to discuss how you wish to accumulate your assets with an apartment or real estate. Our extensive wide-ranging experience and up-to-date information is all in your disposable.